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Our Service Charges

Ever wonder about our service charges and if they are worth it?

electrician's truckWhen we arrive at your door, we’ve already incurred a number of costs just to get us, our service truck, and our equipment there.

Think of this analogy:  Without years of expensive medical training and experience, your doctor couldn’t make a diagnosis and prescribe treatments.  As a patient, you pay for this expertise, plus a share of the clinic’s overhead, which includes on-going training, staff, equipment, office space and other operating costs.

Little Sparkie Electric’s charges involve similar inputs. As a licensed electrical contractor, we’ve had extensive training and more than a decade of Generac generatorsexperience.  Catherine Nazarene, Managing Member, is also a Generac factory trained Commercial Level II Certified technician, and attends on-going training sessions.

We also have equipment, staff, travel time and other overhead expenses. The bottom line is that even a service call that only results in a diagnosis and estimate for resolving the problem(s) warrants a service charge for our professional, experienced recommendation. You’re not only paying for what we do, but also for what we know!

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