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3 Common Electrical Lighting Problems & What to do About Them

Here are some common household and business electrical lighting problems that can potentially cause fires.

1. Light switches that don’t work correctly.

Poor workmanship or substandard products can contribute to dimmer switches that don’tlight switch adjust light level properly.

If you’ve just moved into a new house and find switches that don’t seem to activate anything it could be a sign the switches have been superseded and fixtures removed, a switched receptacle or a problem in the outlet, circuit or wiring. It can also mean that a ceiling box is prewired for a fan.

Wiring issues can be dangerous, so if you’re not sure, call a licensed electrician.

2. Lights that are too bright or too dim.

There are several probable causes for these issues.  You may have different types of lights with different wattages; check to see that all light bulbs are the same. The second issue could be a bad neutral connection in the affected circuit, which will continue to cause problems until it’s fixed by a licensed professional electrician.

3.  Recessed lights that go out and come back on.

Recessed lighting is equipped with safety devices that cut out power to the light when it gets too hot.   If so, chances are you’re either using a bulb of too-high wattage, there’s a loose connection, or the insulation in the ceiling is too close to the bulb.

Safety is number One!  It’s always best to work with a licensed, experienced electrician.  Call us or use the contact form for all of your electrical needs.