Create ambiance with outdoor lighting

Create ambiance with outdoor lighting

This is a great time of year to build that patio or deck and make it an enticing evening gathering spot with perfect lighting. If you have a restaurant, think dining al fresco.  As you plan your outdoor space, think about how the space will be used, and plan the lighting around that.  As you envision your lighting, remember the importance of light layering in getting the right effect, and being able to create spaces for different uses.

You want to get enough light but not overdo it. The trick to a well-lit patio is directing the light just where you need it and having the right controls.  Overhead lighting, be it string lights, outdoor pendants, or wall sconces, can create the ambiance of an Italian piazza, among other possibilities…which are almost endless.  If you plan to include fans, many outdoor fans also come with lights, or they can be added.

Consider low to the ground lighting for steps or curbs to focus light where it’s needed without glare.

Plan to hire a licensed electrician upfront to:

  • Check that your outdoor connections are safe and secure. You also may need to add additional outdoor receptacles or a dedicated circuit to your electrical panel, which should definitely be done by a licensed electrician.
  • Ensure proper installation that won’t overload existing circuits.
  • Recommend the most cost-efficient options.

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