Consider these lighting options to enhance your summer evenings

Outdoor lighting

Consider these lighting options to enhance your summer evenings

As twilight approaches and the air cools, it can be delightful to enjoy the outdoors on a beautifully lit outdoor patio and deck. But it’s important to get your lighting done right – not too bright – but enough to move about safely and enjoy your landscaping and/or guests.

The trick to getting a well-lit outdoor patio or deck is directing the light just where needed. Overhead lighting options can include sturdy string lights, lanterns, candlesOutdoor lighting and torches, landscape lighting and fire pits! Don’t forget dimmers to control the brightness of electric lighting.

Lowes recommends that you have a game plan for your lighting, and Little Sparkie Electric can help you create your plan. For a smaller area, you may want to create an intimate setting by grouping lanterns and candles. You can also add landscape lights to the patio perimeter and any pathways from the patio to the house.

If your yard gets direct sunlight, we may recommend solar landscape lights. Low-voltage or LED lights are other options. Deck and stair lights also add ground lights while adding extra safety.

If you have a larger space, you can use lighting to define the different areas. Outdoor outdoor lightsstring lights work great draped from a pergola or gazebo and create a fun party atmosphere. A fire pit provides warmth on a chilly night and a secondary place to gather. Use spotlights or floodlights to illuminate trees and shrubs, and to put the finishing touches on your outdoor retreat.

Hire a licensed electrician

No matter which option you choose, be sure to hire a licensed, experienced electrician for the job. Here’s why:

• To check that your outdoor connections are safe and secure. You also may need to add additional outdoor receptacles or a dedicated circuit to your electrical panel, which should definitely be done by a licensed electrician.

• To ensure proper installation that won’t overload the circuits of your home or business.

• An electrician can recommend the most cost-efficient options.

If you’re ready to install landscape lighting and would like help from an electrician, contact us to discuss some options or call 301-606- 5181.

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