Check your electrical wiring when you spring forward

Check your electrical wiring when you spring forward

This Sunday we “spring ahead” with Daylight Saving Time. We frequently hear that this is a good time to check the battery in smoke detecters. It’s also a smart idea to check your electrical wires.

Wires from home electronics, with wires for routers, televisions, computers, printers etc. can end up in knots on the floor, and may even be stepped on! Use floor cord protectors if you have to run extension cords along the floors.

Also, make sure those cords aren’t frayed or damaged, which can be a fire hazard. And plug appliances and office equipment directly into the socket whenever possible.

If you have children, especially toddlers and babies, keep them away from potential hazard areas.  Use socket plug covers , keep wiring and cords out of their reach, and ensure they’re kept away from heaters and other appliances in use.

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