Little Sparkie Electric includes myself, Catherine Nazarene, who owns and manages the business and works the tools, my husband John, and our bookkeeper and secretary Carla McRorie.
I got into electrical work because of my life-long love of things electrical. Even as a child, I loved light bulbs, and I would buy lamp holders (fixtures or sockets), plugs, and wire, and put them together from scratch. Substations were another particular interest of mine, and they still fascinate me today.

Our field people have a combined total of approximately half a century of varied commercial, industrial, residential, and service experience. Our work offers us a constant variety of challenges, which stretch us and help us to become better electricians as we devise solutions to all kinds of problems. We design many of the projects we implement, play detective tracking down electrical issues, ask and answer questions, and offer suggestions...always keeping our main goal in sight: to give our customers what they want and need, and more besides, while keeping everything safe and legal. Our customers give us their "wish lists" and our job is to help them make it happen, striving ever to "go the extra mile".

Images from recent jobs,, L to R:
Suspended receptacle in training facility; installing exterior floodlight; fishin' in the rain; phase converter and disconnects

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Standby generator at MSD, Frederick MD